Trade Marketing

Allied Marketing focuses in efficiently increasing the demand of its products or services across its supply chain partners including wholesalers, retailers and at the sub-distributor level, which is not merely limited at the consumer level. Our team intensely evaluates the behavior of target shoppers using the following functions:

  • Category Management

AML ensures category management service to our clients that will enhance their business growth in terms of improved consumer buying decisions, inventory levels, stock replenishment procedures and strategic assortment decisions. We facilitate our partners with relevant strategies and information about the consumer’s preferences and demands, which help boost their sales and assist them to achieve their KPIs within the given timeframe. This not only results in better client satisfaction and increased mutual trust but also ensure long-term customer loyalty.

  • Trade Shoppers Insight Management

Allied Marketing team understands the importance of shopper’s experience and formulates strategies to target and change the behavior of shopper groups. Our qualified teams have the proficiency to gather insights on consumer’s preferences and make your products more noticeable by planning and executing an attractive marketing mix model. We design our business process based on shopper’s psychology and ensure an increase in your brand consumption and a higher purchase.

  • Channel Management

Channel management plays a significant role in business world and in terms of product distribution it involves deciding onto the factors of how your products or services will reach your target audience. We are able to achieve these deliverables by forming alliances and partnerships with the specialized teams or individuals in order to serve the best quality service to our clients and end consumers respectively. Some of the common channel members in this regard include:

We strive to fill the missing gaps in terms of providing the necessary support to deliver their products to the target audience efficiently.


1 IMT's (International Modern Trade) Metro, HyperStar, etc.
2 LMT's (Local Modern Trade) Alfateh, Jalal Son's, Rainbow, etc.
3 Key GT / Interface
4 GT / Mahalla Stores
5 Pan Shops
6 Out of Home (OOH)
7 HORECA's Dhabas
8 Mandi Wholesales
9 Scattered Wholesales
10 Pharmaceutical Channel Drug Stores
11 E-Commerce Platform
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