It is an integral part of business operations at Allied Marketing. We make use of past trends and patterns to make our demand forecasting more accurate and reliable. Strategic locations of our warehouses assist our sales team to deliver products on time to achieve sales objectives. We also collaborate with distributors and customers to anticipate demand and streamline business operations. Our demand planning is categorized in the following broad areas:

  • Stock procurement from principals
  • Replenishment of stock across the distribution network
  • Customer Service
  • Trade Marketing / Category Operations

Stock Procurement first calculate record stock needs to create purchase orders and stock transfers. Our team starts procurement with the forecasting based on sales trend, demand and supply variably. We carry out sales & operations planning with our vendors and supply chain department monthly after budget approval. Sales are carefully aligned with demand forecasts after procuring stock all across the Pakistan. Critical KPIs of Supply Chain are carefully monitored on daily basis.

Dispatch planners are very diligent in handling stocks at warehouse according to different SKU assortment. Based on the channel landscape and profile, SKU wise assortment for each branch is worked out and built in the system. Our SKU management optimizes inventory level and makes sure that right product is available at right locations consistently. We track performance KPIs through advanced technological means.

Process analysis is done to find out the bottleneck and minimize the losses. Demand Planning also carries out category operations/trade marketing. Trade support plans are made by keeping in mind different channels. After finalizing the plan, it is communicated to sales team for execution. Our team tracks performance based on channels potential to identify gaps and improve the growth opportunities. Various challenges are identified on the basis of forecasting and inventory management. Moreover, our replenishment model assists in adapting according to market needs. Since we believe in delivering value to our customers, we make sure our models and methods are cost effective.

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