Brand Management

Theodore Leavitt (of Harvard) famously wrote this marketing truth in the mid-80s: “The sole purpose of a business enterprise is to create a customer.” That is also our credo. We try our utmost to do precisely that. We create customers for you by the effective and profitable deployment of marketing assets. If the brand is your company’s most valuable and recognizable marketing asset, it is crucial for your firm’s present and future health.

Our teams thoroughly measure brand positioning and analyses changes in the brand equity as per the shifts in the market developments.

Keeping an eye on your competitor’s activities, we perform vigilant competitive analysis, brand tracking, brand audit and appraise your brand equity. This allows us to identify your brand’s strengths and areas that need attention for growth opportunities.

When your customers are able to connect to you on an emotional level their loyalty is increased, that fosters positive word of mouth and adds boost to your sales.

Our Brand Management is not simply a set of activities – we prefer to offer outcomes that will impact your present and future bottom-line.

  • Outcome commitment: Make your product name a brand asset that commands a premium. We have learnt how to do this by supporting the brand in three key ways: width and depth of availability, display, regular order-booking. Your brand will command a premium only if it’s a sound business proposition for your partners in the retail, wholesale and institutional chain markets.
  • Outcome commitment: Become your implementation partner in Brand Strategy. If yours is a Product Brand Strategy, our sought-after outcome will be that you become the dominant brand in the market’s competitive spectrum. If yours is a Line Brand Strategy, and you are extending the line, we know how to manage our support services to help you stay close to the initial product. We know how to support you if yours is a Range Brand that combines the entire range under a unique principle, the brand concept.
  • Outcome commitment: Become as flexible as you, our principals, in brand management.
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