Warehousing & Logistics

Allied Marketing facilitates warehousing services to our clients that are strategically located in order to minimize unforeseen risk factors. Our warehousing hubs are present all across and provide our clientele with the facility to place their surplus supply there. Our team makes sure the pricing is carefully alleviated even when there is a slack season so that our client’s operations are not disrupted. We use different techniques to estimate expected demands and boost inventory turnover. Our team employs maintenance on a regular basis and facilitates an accelerated picking process that helps us organize our client’s inventory effectively. As the quote explains:

Inventory is Money, sitting around in another form” – Rhonda Adams



In a B2B business, logistics controls the flow of goods, services and information from the point of origin to the point of consumption in a timeliest and cost effective way as per the customer demands. We facilitate our clients with a fleet of advanced transportation that works across without compromising on the quality of goods. Our teams are trained in cautiously handling supplies in order to avoid any unexpected delay or loss from our end, offering our valued services to the retailers from all sorts of industries. Logistics play an important role in supply chain for any business as explained by Sun Tzu:

The line between disorder and order lies in Logistics.” – Sun Tzu

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