Merchandising plays an important role when it comes to promoting your product in a retail store and capture customer’s attention. AML understands using the right merchandising approach affects consumers’ behavior and with the right merchandise, right positioning, right determination of quantities, creative display designs, special offers, at the right time, with the right pricing, and relevant marketing strategies, customers are more enticed to purchase your product or avail your service. We make sure our client’s products are merchandised the right way so their customers are more satisfied and their loyalty is increased that eventually helps to increase sales and result in a faster inventory turnover.

We train our teams space planning and staging your products so that your products stand out more in comparison to other brand’s offerings. They utilize techniques that will combine your products in such a way that it creates individual and emotional experiences for your buyers. Our team pays attention to details including shelf placements, store layout, staging products using different but complementary product groups from different product manufacturers, window displays, and appropriate placement of signage; overall giving out the best presentation and visibility of your products to the customers.

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