Information System

We begin the grand journey of digital transformation of our distribution business by adopting SAP’s award-winning ERP solution, SAP HANA and reaffirming our focus of investing in our business’s 3 core components – People, Processes and Technology.

At Allied Marketing, we believe data to be one of our biggest forte, giving us an edge over our competitors. It has given us business intelligence capability to collect, prepare and analyze data. Our team is aided with state of the art gadgets and technology, hence making us one of the most technologically advanced sales and distribution companies in the region.

It has given us huge support in improving business control & generating growth. We have reaped many advantages like optimizing RTM cost, cash reconciliation & faster claims processing, thus guaranteeing total transparency.

Our information management landscape provides us the capability to react rapidly to changing business environment. Right down from the General Manager to the Salesman everyone is equipped to access data at a single click which makes our speed to market and customer management unparalleled.

Information architecture has changed, improving our internal & external communication. We have given application access to our Principals who are also using SAP, thus guaranteeing total transparency. Faster information flows from market-to-control has considerably improved decision-making at all levels. Use of analytics and dashboards having improved visibility further. Adequacy on internal control is another advantage we give our Principals.

Looking forward, we would like to go for innovation and digitization. The need to innovate to keep ahead is ranked as a key challenge. We are taking significant steps to enhance our digital capabilities. We are making digital technology a part of our company’s DNA.

I am reminded of Jack Welch, the CEO of General Electric who rightly said: “If the rate of change within organization is less than the rate of change outside, the end is in sight”.

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